Our purpose is to participate in developing a community of leaders who are advocates for organizational cultures of wellbeing and happiness.



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Who We Are:
The Institute for Inspired Organizational Cultures is a new nonprofit organization participating in the creation of an international community of organizational culture leaders whose top priority is institutional happiness and well-being. We do this with education with emphasis on University and College students. The Institute’s application for 501(3)c status in in process. The Institutes educational programs are available only through non profit educational institutions.

Founded by Dr. Gerald Wagner in 2014, the Institute is based on the premise that the well-being, happiness and contentment of a company’s employees determine its long term potential for success, evolution and sustainability.

This concept is the basis for the most important workforce movement of this era: the culture movement. The Institute’s most basic mission is to support the culture movement — feed it, sustain it, and help it grow so companies and individuals can reap the rewards.

The Institute is a collaborative effort between employees, management, consultants, researchers, educators and students from across the globe. Together, this diverse group of leaders helps to support the Institute’s mission.

What We Do:

The Institutes offerings include a revolutionary Colloquium on Leading Organizational Cultures for Wellbeing and Happiness©. This, course, dedicated to the fundamental principles the Institute stands for, is available for free to universities and colleges worldwide. Each year, several hundred college graduates across diverse areas of study will complete the course, all armed with the ability to become organizational culture leaders as they enter the workforce.

A version of the Colloquium is also offered as a Professional Development program for those already in the workforce. This is targeted a Healthcare Professionals and offered through academic healthcare programs. We believe this industry’s cultural well-being is crucially important, due to the vital influence employees have on all stakeholders including patients. These professionals learn cutting-edge practices, theories and data – then use these tools to develop an actionable plan for their employer.

Founder Dr. Gerald Wagner’s background serves as a strong foundation for the Institute’s work. He has an exemplary history in both academics and entrepreneurship, and you can learn more about his efforts in his short video resume at www.newstreamtv.com/jerrywagner.