Our purpose is to participate in developing a community of leaders who are advocates for organizational cultures of wellbeing and happiness.



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The Institute for Inspired Organizational Cultures ©

The Institute

The Institute for Inspired Organizational Cultures (IOC) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to support the creation of an international community that advocates institutional happiness and wellbeing.  We believe happy people make for happy (and profitable) companies.

Cultural capital is the future of business, and tomorrow’s leaders need to be educated on how to create organizational environments that foster the well-being and happiness of their employees.

To support our purpose, we partner with colleges to offer world-class learning materials on “Leading Organizational Cultures for Wellbeing and Happiness©.” All materials are free for nonprofit colleges and universities, as well as for standalone students and for students that are part of self-formed student groups.

The Institute is a collaboration between persons from across the globe.  Please accept our invitation to participate in whatever way you can or wish.

What We Do

As cutting-edge companies like Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Jet Blue and many others prioritize company culture and reap the financial rewards, it’s clear that this is the new landscape of competitive advantage.

Today’s students need education on how to create outstanding organizational environments, and we’ve created materials to do just that.

Titled “Leading Organizational Cultures for Wellbeing and Happiness,” the materials include a series of proprietary videos, materials and software featuring experts and leaders from across the globe, and they’re offered for free to colleges and universities for their classes, as well as for individual students and students that are part of self-formed student groups.  (See section called “Self-Formed Student Groups”).

Designed for college juniors, seniors, and graduate students (and participants in professional development classes), the class is particularly well suited as a capstone course for seniors in multiple majors and for working adults who aspire to become culture leaders and c-level executives.

Actual Content – Leading Organizational Cultures for Wellbeing and Happiness

We believe in transparency. Thus we are making our complete class agenda available for you to review.  You can see for yourself exactly what students will be studying.   To see this go to www.inspiredorganizationalcultures.org/tutorial/ and in the Table of Contents click on APPENDIX A: COMPLETE AGENDA.  This is much more complete that what we could present in a synopsis.  We promise you will be impressed and inspired.

Dr. Jerry Wagner and the Institute Partners with Schools

Dr. Jerry Wagner started the Institute.  Partnering with schools is not new for him.   His company Execucom Systems, Inc. in Austin, Texas was the first software company to have a partner program with universities and colleges.  Within 5 years that program had more than 1500 university and college partners around the world using the software for teaching and research.   Three years ago his latest software was made available to university and college students also for no cost.   There have now been more than 4000 downloads from students in several countries.

In 2010 Jerry created the popular BSc. degree in IT Innovation at the Peter Kiewit Institute, College of Information Science and Technology, University of Nebraska, Omaha.  Consistent with his beliefs, that degree was enriched with a student practicum for students to experience the “real world”.

IOC will soon be ready to stand on its own with staff employees and volunteers with Jerry as Chairman. That gives him freedom to join the faculty at a campus where he can start a university degree programs with a title similar to Organizational Cultures for Wellbeing and Happiness.