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Inspired business cultures with passionate employees do not occur by accident, they happen by design.
Gerald R. Wagner, PhD

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Inspired Business Cultures Corporation is a not for profit corporation.  Application for 501(3)c status is in process.  The company was founded by Dr. Gerald Wagner in collaboration with a community of accomplished professionals. Those who are familiar with Jerry's career will see bits and pieces of his entrepreneurial and academic experiences showing up in IBC.

After nearly 3 years of work on employee wellbeing, happiness, wellness, and engagement Jerry realized what really matters, i.e., culture. It embodies all of those fashionable words so popular today but most importantly it provides a foundation for every organization to build from. As many have said, "culture isn't everything - it is the only thing".

Our purpose is to work with small to medium size organizations to design, articulate and maximize the value of their business culture. There are 550,000 firms that have 20 to 99 employees. There are 100,000 firms with 100-499 employees. Together those firms represent 38 million employees. All such small and medium size businesses can afford and benefit from what we provide and the quality of what we deliver is competitive to anyone.

A market for which we have a passion are community health centers and faith based nonprofits. We make our products and services very affordable for them.

As most leaders would say, culture isn't everything - it is the only thing. An intentionally designed and communicated culture results in:

  1. Attracting the best new employees.
  2. Retaining the best current employees.
  3. Employees that deliver service that result in loyal customers.
  4. Employees that understand and brag about their organization's culture.
  5. Innovation greater than ever imagined.
  6. Aggressive business goals that are met or exceeded.

We don't pontificate here on the importance of employee engagement, innovation, wellbeing, wellness, happiness, culture and other such topics. You already know about that. Instead, this site is an invitation to get acquainted. If business culture and inspired employees are a passion for you, we would love to get to know you. We can visit by phone, email, or get together face-to-face.

We love to work with academic faculty and students in all disciplines, ranging from Psychology to Computer Science. As with Jerry's past ventures, his products are free for academic teaching and research.


If we get the culture right, most of the other stuff - such as
delivering great customer service or building an enduring brand or business
- will happen as a natural by-product of our culture.
Tony Hsieh


Culture Movies

Before going further take a couple of minutes to watch two short videos.  The first is ours that was published early in December of 2013.  The other is from the prestigious consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton that was published a little later.


A leader’s most important responsibility is to design, create, shape, continuously improve, communicate, and share their organization’s culture. Culture produces the employee behavior that generates the results an organization needs to be successful.

Culture is reflected in how employees view the organization, what they believe about “how things work around here”, and the stories they tell about their company.  These stories spread to customers, prospective customers, prospective employees, and other outsiders. This is how the organization’s brand is born, from the inside.

Every employee has a feeling sense of what their culture is, but few - including the organization’s leaders - can succinctly articulate it.  

It might seem that culture is too abstract - too squishy and fuzzy to capture in a short movie that could be shared, and clearly understood by all. But our experience has proven that an organization’s culture can be made tangible through just such a method. And the payback for clarifying an organization’s culture through such a simple, yet powerful method, is far greater employee engagement, productivity, innovation, growth, profit, and other business metrics that result from a positive, well-articulated culture.    

Using our Culture Capture© process with web technology, design, art, graphics, and incredibly creative minds, cultures are succinctly captured as digital stories (videos) and shared both internally and externally.  These videos are then featured during customer visits, at employee retreats, in advertising and marketing, on web sites, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Examples of digital culture stories are now starting to come into the mainstream.  Here are a few examples using animation technology.  Two are from “Chipotle Mexican Restaurants” and one is from “Panera Bread”: 

The methods and combinations of creative approaches for capturing and presenting organizational culture via this rich medium are limitless.

Inspired Business Cultures, Inc. is proud of its unique resources, and our ability to create and capture powerful, high-impact digital culture stories for clients.  Our advantages include the best students at prominent University Art and Design programs, our staff, and the nation’s leading culture consultants and digital art practitioners, who serve as advisors.  

Meet our advisors below.  For more details go to

Michelangelo Capraro
Harold Gallagher
Eric Goeken
Rick Knudtson
Leslie Martinich
Linda Naiman
Matt Perez
Christopher Purdy
Jim Rea
Liz Snider
Frank Spillers
Axel Valdez
Kimberly Wiefling
Raymond Yeh
Zachary Sam Zaiss
Liz Snider
Liz Snider

Every culture is unique and so is every culture movie.  Contact us and together lets capture your culture story in an unforgettable way that you can easily share again and again. 


Showcase Series

Our anchor educational initiative features exceptional business cultures in what we call "Showcases of Inspired Business Cultures©". In these Showcases, exceptional companies describe their cultures, how and why they arrived at where they are, and the payoff. The first Showcase will be in Omaha starting on October 9th, 2013. We will have different Showcases in five cities in 2014. In each city we collaborate with a University or College partner and presentations are held on campuses.

For each Showcase there are 5 companies presenting. Each company presents one time with a different company each month over a 5 month period of time. The registration fee for one presentation is $19.95 or $79.95 for all 5. It should be clear from the low cost that Showcases are intended for social good and awareness and not for profit.

To register for one or more of the presentations go to For complete information go to

If you like the Showcase idea and would like to help start a Showcase in your region of the country (or world), let's work together and do it.

Here is the lineup for the Showcase that starts on October 9, 2013 at Bellevue University.

Lynette CampbellCompany:Farm Credit Services of America, Omaha, Nebraska
Presenters:Lynette Campbell, Director, Organizational Development and Learning; Sharlyn Konfrst, Vice President of Facilities.
Topic:Voted the #1 Best Place to Work in Omaha in 2013, receiving Omaha's Young Processionals Choice Aware, scoring an overall 92% employee engagement score, and achieving record breaking financial results are just a few of the ways culture shows up. Organizations from all over the country routinely ask for the recipe to FCSAmerica's cultural 'secret sauce'. It's not a secret, but it is a complex stew of dozens of well-seasoned ingredients….from core values to transparent leadership, community involvement to development opportunities, state of the art environments to free pop, and much, much more…!

Matt PerezCompany:Nearsoft, Inc., San Jose, California
Presenter:Matt Perez, COO and Co-Founder
Topic:Magic without tricks or how to shape a workplace culture that's good for people (and Great for Business) is what this presentation is about. If all you care about is money, this presentation is not for you. However, if you like growth, lower costs, and higher profits, then come right in. Those are all side-effects of what this talk is about: making a positive impact on the world, starting with your organization.

Nancy FisherCompany:Caribou Coffee, Minneapolis, MN
Presenter:Nancy Fisher, Talent Development Manager
Date: April 2, 2014
Place: Farm Credit Services, 5015 South 118th St., North Building
Fee: $19.95
Topic:In 1990, during an adventure through the Alaskan wilderness, Caribou's founders journeyed to the top of Sable Mountain. After a strenuous climb, they reached the summit and were rewarded with a sensational view: the boundless mountains, a clear blue sky, and a herd of caribou thundering through the valley. That was truly the "aha" moment. The breathtaking panoramic view became the vision for Caribou Coffee, a company whose motto is: Life is short, stay awake for it. Life is short, and at Caribou Coffee we believe our team members should have the life they aspire to live. That's why we created the Caribou Dreams Program – to provide a place for team members to get "un-stuck" and find the life of their dreams!

Michael JohnsonCompany:Boys and Girls Club of Dane County Wisconsin
Presenter:Michael Johnson, CEO
Date: February 12, 2014
Place: Farm Credit Services, 5015 South 118th St., North Building
Fee: $19.95
Topic:Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County has a belief that anything is possible for its kids! Boys & Girls Club staff and volunteers in Madison, Wisconsin work as partners with schools, the business community and others to create opportunities for thousands of young people and their families.

In just three years the agency went from a quiet organization with many of its directors disengaged with low staff moral to becoming one of the most influential nonprofits in their region. Because of their intentional approach to change the culture of their agency, Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County has been recognized as one of the top Boys & Girls Clubs in the country.

Greg HoweCompany:Lincoln Industries, Lincoln, Nebraska
Presenter: Greg Howe, Wellness Manager
Date: March 12, 2014
Place: TBA
Fee: $19.95
Topic:What began as a mountain climb has grown to an onsite fitness center, health clinic, and numerous wellness programs. The belief statement "wellness and healthy lifestyles are important to our success" remains strong. Lincoln Industries started their wellness programming to focus on wellness because it was the right thing to do for the people of Lincoln Industries. As the company has grown as an organization, the commitment to company culture and wellness has grown as well.



Culture is today’s hottest business topic and we have combined the topic with the country’s best workshop instructors.

Participating in these workshops provides you with many benefits including:

• Learning new ways to enhance your business culture.
• Network with companies seeking similar learning as you.
• Become better positioned as an employer of choice.
• Become friends with the country’s experts. 

Workshops are being held in Omaha, Nebraska and we consider businesses in the Omaha community to be our partners. Companies with a meeting room for up to 40 people may opt to host a workshop(s).

A host business receives two free registrations for the workshop(s) which they host. Host companies incur no expenses or obligations other than providing space along with AV equipment and WIFI. We will accept applications on a first come first served basis. Send email indicating interest to For nonprofits, you might have a “donor company” that would provide space and the nonprofit keeps the free registrations.

Jerry would love to discuss the above with you and others at your organization. Contact him at For a printable version of this page see

Matthew Della PortaDr. Matthew Della Porta
Positive Psychology Leads to Happier and More Engaged Employees…..And To a Healthier Bottom Line
Date:February 21, 2014
Time:8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
Place:The Grain Exchange Building / AIM Institute- 1905 Harney Street, Second Floor #215 - Omaha, NE
Fee $99 before February 10 and then changes to $295

Come hear the latest on positivity from a world class researcher who is focused on providing the facts about positive psychology and its effect on employees, productivity and profit. This workshop provides an in-depth look at the six characteristics of a psychologically healthy workplace.

Kimberly WieflingKimberly Wiefling
Discovering Your Organization's DNA
Date:March 25 and 26, 2014
Time:8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
Place:The Grain Exchange Building / AIM Institute- 1905 Harney Street, Second Floor #215 - Omaha, NE
Fee: $295 before March 11 and then changes to $495

An Organization's DNA is the historical reason why groups of people behave the way they do. It is the genetic code at the root of these behaviors. In this workshop you will learn how to engage your people in a personal journey to discovery your organization's unique identity, and then use that shared identity to create truly engaged employees and a truly cohesive team.

Chris CookChris Cook
Build Your Brand from the Inside Out

Chances are, your organization has spent time and money figuring out its brand. You probably have a good-looking logo and a tag line. Corporate colors, fonts, maybe more. But are you doing what's necessary to establish and uphold your brand? Living it? Is your brand reflected in your organizational culture? Does every interaction with your organization leave people feeling positive and trusting of you? A study by the American Society of Quality Control showed that 68% of an organization’s customers leave because of an indifferent attitude of a company employee. It doesn’t have to be that way at your organization – if you get your brand and culture in sync.

Michelle JamesMichelle James
Improv for Leaders: Principles and Practices of Improvisation for Inspiration, Ideation and Innovation

Today's world requires leaders and entrepreneurs to work within ambiguity and uncertainty and still confidently move forward - just like improvisers. Effective leaders and improvisers both have to make spur of the moment decisions, synthesize information, inspire others, innovate, and serve the good of the whole...all on the spot! Improv-based learning helps people break patterns in order to respond, adapt and create in new ways New possibilities emerge and engagement skyrockets…laying the foundation for inspired innovation.

LindaNaimanLinda Naiman
Art as A Catalyst to Create An Inspired Business Culture

Most CEOs agree that innovation is the main lever to create a competitive advantage and that unlocking creative potential is key to economic growth. The problem is, very few leaders know how to foster creativity and innovation in business. In this workshop learn how the principles and practices of art and design can be used as a catalyst for cultivating creativity, innovation, artistry, empathy, as well as the ability to cope with ambiguity and complexity in the marketplace.

Stewart LevineStewart Levine
Building a Culture of Agreement & Resolution

Everyone must be a collaborator today! Come learn the critical conversational skills that will make your collaborations creative, productive and sustainable. The right mind-set, skill-set and tool-set are all learnable. You have questions, we have answers!

Chris CookChris Cook
Creating a Coaching Culture to Supercharge Performance and Maximize Potential

Would you like to optimize your employees’ strengths, promote their development, and accelerate their performance? With a combination of coaching and feedback, leaders at all types of organizations can affect their bottom line through enhanced performance, creativity and teamwork, and lower turnover and sick leave. Learn how at this two-day, highly-interactive hands-on workshop.

Shawn QuinnShawn Quinn
Leading Positive Culture Change

Attempts at changing workplaces fail more than 50% of the time, unless organizational culture is addressed up front. In this workshop you will learn proven processes and tools for diagnosing your current culture, arriving at a consensus for a preferred culture, and leadership skills for successful implementation.

A company's brand and it's culture are really just two sides of the same coin.
Tony Hsieh



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Jerry Wagner Dr. Gerald Wagner’s focus on workplace wellbeing was ignited in 2009, at about the same time that the Gallup Organization published their book entitled “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements”. The topic resonated with him deeply, so he joined Bellevue University to create the Employee Wellbeing Institute.  Although successful at applying software and processes to improving employee Wellbeing, he came to the realization that organizational culture was the foundation for creating significant improvement in the workplace environment. 

Jerry ‘s journey has taken him from Austin, Texas to Nebraska, where he was a Distinguished Research Fellow, College of Information Science and Technology at the University of Nebraska, Omaha.  There he started One Innovation Place (OneIP), a location on campus where exceptional Computer Science students could create real world software that emphasized visualization and animation.  While at UNO he also launched the BSc. Degree in Information Technology Innovation.

During his time at UNO, Jerry was also a Gallup Senior Scientist specializing in data visualization.  A part of his responsibilities were the public visualization seminars, which he chaired for three years in collaboration with the AIM Institute.  

In Austin, Texas, he was on the faculty at UT Austin in the College of Engineering, where he became tenured as the head of the Operations Research group. This experience was followed by an entrepreneurial phase where he started several companies.  His first startup was Execucom Systems.  If a “best places to work” award had existed at that time, the company would surely have been a contender.  In spite of 25 years having passed since they were acquired, and with employees scattered worldwide, many still gather at the annual spring reunion at Schultz’s beer garden in Austin.  That reflects a unique and unforgettable culture!  What made Execucom “tick” was very similar to practices today at the nation’s “Best Places to Work”.  The culture and spirit he created at Execucom has been replicated in every organization that he has led since then.

Gerald R. Wagner, PhD


If you're interested in any of our resources, have questions, or would like to learn more about Inspired Business Cultures feel free to fill out the form or contact us at any one of the channels below.