Our purpose is to participate in developing a community of employees and employers who are advocates for organizational cultures of wellbeing and happiness.

A Curriculum for Employee Engagement and Happiness



From the Best Teachers

At The Institute for Inspired Organizational Cultures (IOC), we believe every member of the future and current workforce deserves to know about and experience cultures of wellbeing and happiness.

Our passion is teaching people how to create positive, uplifting work environments, and in turn, positive, uplifted workers. The research is clear: a happy, well-adjusted workforce offers countless benefits.

This concept is relatively new in the business world, and many people are not familiar with how to create these kinds of cultures.  Colleges and universities are only starting to think about teaching this type of material in either classrooms or professional development programs. So, we’re working to fill an important void with unique learning materials and processes.

Our teaching videos feature notable professionals covering topics that many students and employees would not otherwise be exposed to: positive psychology, emotional intelligence, hope, dignity, values, engagement, idea management and others. Each teacher contributes their time and support for these videos, a testament to their belief in what IOC is doing. Videos are supported with important books and articles, so participants absorb a wide range of knowledge.

See section on Teachers and Topics for examples of teachers in action. See section on Pricing and Applying to get started.

Keep going. You will like what you find.