Our purpose is to participate in developing a community of leaders who are advocates for organizational cultures of wellbeing and happiness.



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The Institute for Inspired Organizational Cultures (IOC) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to maximize employee wellbeing and happiness.  Cultural capital is the future of business, and organizational leaders need to be educated on how to create organizational environments that foster the wellbeing and happiness of their employees. 

Titled “Leading Organizational Cultures for Wellbeing and Happiness,” our teaching materials include a series of proprietary videos, materials and software featuring experts from around the globe.  There is nothing else that is similar.

Our materials are available for college and university study groups for no cost.  Click here to learn more. The materials are also available for college and university classes also for no cost.  Click here to learn more.   We have a unique process for working professionals to use our materials.  We call it consultative education.  Click here to learn more.

We are a nonprofit and we love advice, ideas, suggestions, and volunteer contributions of talent.  Please consider this to be an invitation to participate.  Just go to volunteers and let us hear from you.